Friends in Kaohsiung, Taiwan

This blog post is dedicated to the memory of our dear sister, Felice Grimberg Lozano, who passed away while we were in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.  This is without a doubt the hardest blog post for me to write. The morning after we returned from Tainan we learned that Felice had passed away.

tk 003
Felice Grimberg Lozano (March 7, 1961 – November 19, 2015). This picture was taken in November 2003.

Although, she is not suffering anymore, she will be missed by so many that loved her. We spent a month by her side a few months ago when she had heart surgery. Her recovery was difficult and she spent over two months in critical care. She was doing well when we left for our journey. Losing her while so far away was so difficult. We knew she wouldn’t want us to come home for her memorial service. Yet not being there to grieve with the family left a huge void in our hearts. Late in the day we finally made it out to explore Cijin Island. Both Laurie and I were very bipolar in our feelings. We would enjoy a moment and then suddenly slip back into the intensity of loss and grief. I struggle to not cry when I look at the pictures of the indoor market. We had just called our sons and told them that their Aunt Felice had passed right before our walk. Sharing news like that is never easy. Looking at those pictures reminds me of the grief of that moment. However, Felice would not want us to linger in sadness, so journey on we will!

Grief can either take away your appetite or cause you to drown your sorrow in delicious food. We were surrounded by delicious food!!! Cajun Island is famous for its fresh seafood. First on the menu for me was some fresh grilled squid!


Frog legs anyone?


It is so inexpensive to eat at these carts. I know fried food isn’t good for you but the deep fried prawns were amazing!


This nice lady was cooking squash patties and sticky rice sticks. Delicious although the squash patties had a liquid center that I wasn’t prepared for. Thankfully my shirt was there to catch the mess!


Beautiful smiles on a difficult day.


More smiles as we walked through the inside market.


Seriously there was fish for days!


Wild dogs on the streets of Cijin Island!!!


This is how they roll.


It was after our first trip to Cijin Island that Laurie spoke with Lisa Fargo. It was on our walk that roses began to appear.


You may remember Yao Wen of Four Seas Dumplings from a previous post. This is where we met our new friends Ryan Woolard and Nomie Chartreuse.

IMG_1765 (1)

After a late night eating dumplings and getting acquainted we decided to hang out the next. Our first stop was Tuntex Sky Tower in Kaohsiung. The second tallest building in Taiwan. The observation deck was on the 74th floor and the view was spectacular.

Our friends Ryan and Nomie


IMG_2056 (1)

Beautiful View from the 74th floor of the Tuntex Sky Tower.




After the our visit to the Tuntex Sky Tower we head off to visit one of Kaohsiung, Taiwan’s  famous night markets. As we began to fight the crowd to enter the market we came across this man selling some very unique nuts.


These are known as bat nuts. Batman fans have at it!!!


The next night we joined Ryan and Nomie for dinner at an Indian restaurant that was decked out in Himalayan rock salt. Dinner was okay but the company was excellent. We enjoyed learning more about Ryan and Nomie’s lives teaching English abroad.


The next day was to be our final day in Kaohsiung. We decided to keep it simple so we headed out for one more day at Cijin Island.

Later that night our hosts at Drum Fang bid us a special goodbye. We are so grateful to them and to our friends Ryan and Nomie for taking such good care of us during a very difficult time!


Our next destination is Bangkok, Thailand!


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