This is where the Magic Happened: A Blast from the Past in Yokosuka, Japan

I was born on the United States Naval Base in Yokosuka, Japan and moved to Walnut Creek, California when I was three years old. I really remember very little of my early years here. Really just a few snapshots in my mind and stories I have heard over the years. One such story is that my very first word as a little boy was “Godzilla”. Apparently I loved to watch Godzilla movies! It was very important to me that on this trip I touch ground in Yokosuka, meeting Godzilla in Yokosuka was an added bonus. Godzilla in Japanese is “Gojira” and there is a huge Gojira replica at the Kurihama Flower World in Yokosuka. This is where the movie “Godzilla Returns” was filmed and marks the spot where Godzilla emerged from the ocean and began his reign of terror!

Shanghai – 72 Hours

The best part of our walk through old Shanghai was the Noodles. Shanghai is famous for its dumplings and boy did it deliver! It was hot, extremely smoggy, and a little sticky. Laurie was feeling a little light headed and was looking for something to eat. It was close to noon and the sidewalks were beginning to fill up with people eating from little hole-in-the-wall restaurants. Laurie spotted some people eating big bowls of wonton soup and decided that is what she wanted. It looked good but hot soup on a hot day did not seem very appealing to me. However, happy wife=happy life, so I went in pursuit of this wonton soup.

Dawn of a New Day – Shanghai, China

Later, while standing, shoulder to shoulder, with dozens of people packed onto the Shanghai subway system, exhausted from 20+ hours of travel I reflected on the title to this post. The subway train had changed direction, heading back towards the airport, five long stops ago, and we had not realized it. We were a little puzzled by the exodus off the train. The train was suddenly almost empty. A little old lady had gestured to me but I had totally misunderstood. Tired and a bit cranky I reflected on the post I had written on the plane and thought to change the title to “This is where the Sh-t gets real!”

This is Where it Begins – Our Life as Nomads!

How does a person start a blog about his life. It isn’t like blogging about stamp collecting, or paleo cooking, not that there is anything wrong with stamp collecting or paleo cooking. It is just that people’s lives are so much more complex than a single topic. This blog is primarily about transitioning to full time nomadic life. It is also a blog about my life, my journey, and my propensity to go down what I call “rabbit holes”.